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You can specify an agent signature in all public ticket comments and outgoing messages when the agent responds using the agent interface. This signature will not appear if the agent responds to a ticket by email. An administrator can add a common signature for all agents on the account. If you're using multiple brands in Zendesk Support, an administrator can also add brand information to the signature. An agent can add a personalized signature.

You can use some placeholders in the signatures. Placeholders are references to agent and other data stored in Zendesk Support. Example: {{}}. The following classes of placeholders are supported in signatures : "agent", "current_use", "account", and "dc" (for dynamic content). The "ticket" placeholder class (such as {{}}) is not supported. For more information on placeholders, see Using placeholders.

This article contains the following sections:

Adding a common agent signature and branded signatures

An administrator can add a common signature for all agents on the account. For example, you can include your company name and tagline in all ticket comments and outgoing email notifications.

Multibrand users can create a custom signature for each brand.

To add a common agent signature

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Settings > Agents.
  2. In the Signature text box, enter the signature text and any placeholders.
    Love your Zendesk
  3. If you want to let agents add their own signature or add personal information to the common signature, include the {{agent.signature}} placeholder. It's included by default. See Adding a personal agent signature.

If you're using multiple brands in Zendesk Support, you can add information - such as tag lines, phone numbers, URLs, and the like - to your agents' personal signatures. This does not override the agent's personal signature, it simply adds the brand information to it.

To create branded signatures

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Manage > Brands.
  2. Expand the brand you want to update.
  3. In the Agent signature text box, enter the information you want to include in that brand's signature. You can enter the information above or below the agent signature placeholder:

  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Repeat as needed for your other brands.

Adding a personal agent signature

As an agent, you can add a personal signature to all your ticket comments and outgoing email notifications. The signature can include any text such as your name and position, your group, contact information, and so on.

Note: To enable agents to add personal agent signatures, an administrator has to first follow the steps above in Adding a common agent signature and branded signatures.

To add a signature

  1. In Zendesk Support, click your user icon in the upper-right corner and select View Profile Page.
  2. Under Signature in the left sidebar, enter the signature text and any placeholders.
    Jane Tolland
    Customer Care Associate
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  • 0

    Hi Team,

    It seems {{}} placeholder isn't working on signatures. Is this intended? if so, is there another way so I could auto-populate (not through macros) ticket ID on responses?

    I'm trying to use it together with {{}}


  • 0

    Hi Alexis!

    You should be able to add the {{}} placeholder to the email body of your notification triggers to have the information appear. Do you think that would work for you?

  • 0

    Hi Jessie, yes it could work. The only concern while I was testing it is that if the thread i a bit long, there is a possibility that the appears on the bottom-most of the thread instead of the most current response. This defeats my purpose of having it appearing as signature for every response.

    But thanks for the input, I think I could work from here ;)

  • 0

    Hey Alexis!

    You can actually avoid that scenario by placing the {{}} placeholder above the {{ticket.comments_formatted}} placeholder. That way it'll always appear at the top of the comment thread in the notification email.

  • 0

    Hi! Is there a setting to allow the agent's Zendesk signature to appear to the requester if the agent is replying via email? Currently the agent's signature only appears if they reply within the Zendesk web interface. Thanks!

  • 0

    Hi Jennifer!

    I did some testing on my end and I was able to replicate this behavior. I've reached out to our Product team to find out whether this is expected behavior. I'll let you know what I find out!

  • 0

    Hey Jennifer!

    I heard back from Product and was able to verify that what you're experiencing is expected, intentional behavior.

    As you're aware, email clients have the ability to add signatures to outgoing messages. Zendesk isn't able to detect whether a signature has been added to a comment update received via email, so we opt to not add any signature at all, rather than run the risk of adding duplicate signatures.

    I don't know whether your agents have signatures on their work email accounts, but one way you might be able to work around this is to have each agent duplicate their Zendesk signature in their email client. When your agents update their tickets via email, their email signature will be included in their comment, even if their Zendesk signature isn't (I was able to verify this in my testing).

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • 0

    Hi guys! Is it possible to style a signature? I tried using Markdown but this didn't seem to work. I'd like to italicize the signature if possible.

  • 0

    Hi Phil - You should be able to style your signature using Markdown, and specifically using italics by placing an asterisk before and after the content you want italicized. Let me know if you are still not having any success after following the steps provided in the article!

  • 1

    Just wanted to add (as I had trouble finding this information myself) that we have added a custom field to our users (field key 'position'). This has allowed us to customise our signatures as:


    Also, the {{}} field will use the {{agent.alias}} field by default (instead of name) if a value is available. HTH

    Edited by Paul Middleton
  • 0

    Hey Paul! Thanks for sharing. :) This could actually be a good Community tip! If you wanted to post a detailed walk-through in our Tips & Tricks, we'd send you swag. :D

  • 0

    Is there a way to include the signature only on the initial email and not subsequent emails? We have a pretty standard (but lengthy) disclaimer in our signatures that only needs to be included on the first response. Having it on every response makes ticket viewing tiresome.

  • 0

    Thanks Paul Middleton - we were looking for this exact feature! Great idea. 

  • 0

    Hi everyone

    I am not sure what I'm doing but this does not seem to be working for me as I'm just getting the text though on the customer emails, not the image:

    Any ideas? 



  • 0

    @Claire Are you just trying to display an image on your signature?  If yes, you can just follow this format ![](URL of image). :)

  • 0
    Maddy McAndrew

    Hi all

    I am currently struggling to create agent personal signatures as we require particular formatting as below:

    Is there an easy way to set this up? I do not have any background at all in html or markup so this is very difficult.




  • 0


    Unfortunately, HMTL is not supported in agent signatures which makes that formatting a little difficult, as markdown doesn't affect size or color which appear to be the primary concerns for your customization. I would recommend possibly creating an image for each signature that looks like the one you have inserted above, and then using markdown to insert the image into the signature!

  • 0



    Is there a way that I can have a signature appear in the public reply window before sending? This would allow agents to make potential edits or to place things after the signature if need be. 

    If this is not possible, is there a way to automatically have a certain text appear automatically in the public reply window every time (without macros)? Perhaps using triggers? This would also solve the problem of not being able to use placeholders in the ticket class (since I also want the ticket ID to be included in the signature if possible).


    Thanks for any help.

  • 0

    Hi. Can we use dynamic content in branded signatures?


    UPD: Yes, it is possible. Cheers

    Edited by Myroslav Burak
  • 0

    In reading above, without the ability to add html I cannot add images either, correct?  In our normal email signature we have our FB, Twitter and LinkedIn company pages.  Is this not possible in the system?

  • 0

    Hi Warren,

    Instead of adding an HTML may add images and links on your agent's signature by using Markdown.  You may refer to this article for the list of Markdowns that you can use.

    Formatting text with Markdown

    Furthermore, in order to add images on your signature you can use the Markdown [![alt text](imageurl)](linkurl) which will somewhat look like this:

    Thanks and Regards,
    Angel Altura 

    Then, if you wish to add a link on your signature, you may use this Markdown [Link display text]( which may somewhat look like this:

    Thanks and Regards,Angel Altura 
    Angel Altura 

    Hope this helps. But if you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

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