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  • Elza Valeeva


    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I would like to set a trigger :if one of the ticket fields changes to be "A" - then the other ticket field will be "B".

    Instead of filing out the Ticket fields manually I would like some of them be set up automatically.

    For example I have in tickets field "Type" and field "Chargeable". I did a trigger : If Ticket "Type" is "A" , then the Ticket "Chargebale"  >> "Not". However the trigger is NOT working! WHta do I do wrong? SHould I set any other conditions?.. I don;t want this trigger to work Only when ticket is created - I want the fields to be updated based on each other - whenever I change the value of the field..


    Also the 2nd question - I can't find where I cane set a trigger: IF the ticket "Topic" is "X" - Then the Macro "Y" will apply automatically ?..

  • Micah

    How can you remove a trigger to be able to reassign a ticket to another ticket group/view?


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