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  • Elza Valeeva


    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I would like to set a trigger :if one of the ticket fields changes to be "A" - then the other ticket field will be "B".

    Instead of filing out the Ticket fields manually I would like some of them be set up automatically.

    For example I have in tickets field "Type" and field "Chargeable". I did a trigger : If Ticket "Type" is "A" , then the Ticket "Chargebale"  >> "Not". However the trigger is NOT working! WHta do I do wrong? SHould I set any other conditions?.. I don;t want this trigger to work Only when ticket is created - I want the fields to be updated based on each other - whenever I change the value of the field..


    Also the 2nd question - I can't find where I cane set a trigger: IF the ticket "Topic" is "X" - Then the Macro "Y" will apply automatically ?..

  • Micah

    How can you remove a trigger to be able to reassign a ticket to another ticket group/view?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Micah - Are you wanting to delete the trigger, or just delete the actions the trigger took on an individual ticket?

    It's hard to say without knowing exactly how your trigger is set up, but if you're just wanting to reassign the ticket to another group or view, you'll just need to change whatever actions the trigger implements.

    For example, if the trigger applies a tag and that tag is what causes the ticket to show up in another view, you would need to delete the tag and apply whichever one you do want.

    If you want to share more details about your trigger, we can troubleshoot further. You're also welcome to post a question in the community in the business rules topic


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