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    Warning - Payment declined

    Update your payment method as soon as possible to avoid suspension of your Zendesk account.


    On 03/27/2020, we tried to make a payment of $5,940.00 USD for your account ZD00158240. Unfortunately, the transaction failed due to this reason: “Transaction declined.10417 - Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customers PayPal wallet. The transaction did not complete with the customers selected payment method.”

    Support Account ID: 9788713
    Chat Account ID: 

    This can easily be fixed! Just login to your account and update your payment information. Please allow 24 hours to process the payment after you have updated your payment information.

    Additional information on resolving common credit card payment failures can be found here. If you have any questions, please reply to this email, and our team will be happy to assist you.  You can also check out our Billing FAQ.

    Thank you for choosing Zendesk! We appreciate your business.


    - Your Zendesk Team


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