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  • Dave Dyson

    HI CJ –

    "Requester" is who the ticket is for – they're the person who will receive notifications when triggers are setup to notify the requester.

    "Submitter" is who created the ticket – in most cases, this is the same person as the requester, but sometimes it's an agent who creates a ticket on behalf of a customer (who would be the requester).

    There's more detail in our API documentation: Zendesk API Reference: Tickets

    I'll alert our documentation team that it'd be helpful to define these terms here. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Alexandre,

    This is done by creating a series of anchor links at the top of the page one for each letter, html links that point to "anchors" lower on the page. Here's how to create them: How do I manually create anchor links in articles?


  • Farooq

    Thanks 👍 best way to speed up.

  • Alex Test #1



    Hi There, 


    I would like to add this feature in a GUIDE article but don't know how to create it. 


    Can you help or point to a resource?


    Thank you

  • CJ Johnson

    What is the difference between "Requester" and "Submitter"? "Submitter" does not seem to be defined anywhere. 


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