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    Thom Turner

    Can this page be hidden from non-admins?

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    Chad Ferguson

    Hi Thom,

    While this page cannot be hidden from agents in your account, it is restricted based on their permissions so you won't need to worry about them accessing any settings or information they wouldn't otherwise be able to!

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    Ashley Doyle

    Can this page be modified at all? Would be nice if it could show things such as "Agent login history" and "Customers created in last X days".

    Agent login history would be a great help in identifying which agents aren't using the system, and training can be provided or the Agent Licence can be reassigned.

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    Diogo Maciel

    Hi Ashley!


    Currently this is not possible, but we have a feature request post for this that could use your vote. Our Product Feedback forum is the place where our developers look at when deciding future functinalities for our road map


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    Ashley Doyle

    Thanks Diogo, I have upvoted the feature request post.

    Hopefully something happens in this space shortly.

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